Top Ten Cannabis Professionals To Watch In 2017

Cannabis businesses are popping up everywhere and it is difficult to understand who does what and where they are focused. I have compiled an informative message for anyone who is curious about this industry and who is involved as what level. These are the people who I believe are going to double or triple business in 2017!

All of these executives are excellent individuals and I have been fortunate to experience many amazing events in the cannabis industry because of their efforts and passion for our industry.

Watch us fly. I am on this list too!

Terry Buffalo CEO American Cannabis Company, Inc.

American Cannabis Company, Inc. offers end-to-end solutions to existing and aspiring participants in the cannabis industry. We utilize our industry expertise to provide business planning and market assessment services, assist state licensing procurement, create business infrastructure and implement operational best practices. American Cannabis Company also developed and owns a portfolio of branded products including: The patented Satchel™, SoHum Living Soils™, The Cultivation Cube™ and The High Density Cultivation System™.

Robert Hoban Principal The Hoban Law Group

About Robert Hoban  

Hoban is an AV® Preeminent™ rated attorney and seasoned full-service commercial practitioner. Bob is also Principal and Owner at Solana Business Solutions, which offers comprehensive consulting, management, regulatory, and product solutions services for the entire commercial cannabis industry – serving both THC, CBD and hemp business models.


James Mortensen CEO of Packaging Brothers, LLC

James has a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) and a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering. He has been working in Engineering, Product Development, Operations, Management, Marketing and Information Technology for over 20 years, leading organizations to expand from regional footprints into international markets, recording growth and improved efficiency. He has had significant accomplishments in Manufacturing, Distribution, OEM, and retail companies.

Jane West CEO of

A lifestyle brand, curated by Jane West, offering exclusive collaborations, the very best cannabis products, travel notes, cannabis education, wellness tips and more. Contact directly for brand ambassador inquiries to have your product included in the family of Jane West brands.

Rick Hoyer  CEO of Grow Factors 

Grow Factors is striving to make pain and stress management targeted and predictive through timed release of THC to receptor cells based on specific patient needs. We are also working to do the same with CBD although this research will require further studies and investment before we release our CBD product line. Ultimately Grow Factors believes CBD will become the leader in multi use cannabis based medications.

Kristen Yoder Partner LIV Consulting 

LIV Consulting helps established businesses in the cannabis industry improve their bottom line. Our expertise is in the areas of strategic planning, business process analysis and improvement, organizational assessment, and profitability enhancement.

Jessi Cox  CEO of CannabiStaff 

You won’t find better corporate and industry specific talent anywhere else. We uncover talented, qualified professionals who want to use their experience to grow the cannabis industry as well as other emerging markets. We use a proprietary process formulated from over 10 years of in-the-field research gleaned from the hiring practices of multinational, Fortune 500 and enterprise-level businesses to uncover the most common hazards and mistakes in the hiring process. We use this expertise to ensure that your hires are the professionals they are expected to be.

Sheridan Rafer President Institute of Medical Cannabis 

Working with Cannabis since 2004: Cultivator, Breeder, Consultant, Educator
The Institute of Medical Cannabis was established in early 2014 to educate, instruct, & certify individuals that are interested in learning about medical cannabis and the cannabis industry. Whether you’re a patient, caregiver, &/or looking to work in the industry, then you’ve come to the right place

Travis Cox  President & COO  CannabiStaff 

Diversity is a key business imperative and a source of strength at CannabiStaff. We serve clients from every walk of life, every background and every origin. Our goal is to have our workforce reflect this same diversity at all levels. CannabiStaff has made it a priority to foster a culture where the best people want to work, where individuals are promoted based on merit, where we value and demand respect for others and where opportunities to develop are widely available to all.

Steve DeAngelo  President The Arcview Group 

At The Arcview Group, we believe that business is the most powerful platform for political change and that the development of a responsible, profitable, and politically-engaged legal cannabis industry will be the single biggest factor in hastening the day when not a single adult in the world is punished for this plant.

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