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Oregon and Washington Recreational #Cannabis is just getting started and things are quickly heating up! There have been so many lame, negative and pessimistic articles lately about the cannabis and medical marijuana market. Wow. Surprise. This is a hard business and this is a difficult and flooded market. Therefore things are hard for 95% of us right now in cannabis. Nothing comes easy.

Good things come to those who wait. Cheer up. Buckle up. Hang on for the ride and if you are too scared, get off this ride right now, because things are about to get really interesting!

I have to applaud the #OLCC for managing their program so well this year! We have now seen many successful applications and few issues through the process. Mainly our goal for our clients is to ensure fair and transparent treatment throughout the application information collection and verification steps.

With that said I personally hope that the powers that be change the meaning behind OLCC from Oregon Liquor Control Commission to mean Oregon Liquor Cannabis Commission!

James Mortensen and his brother Mike Mortensen are the brains behind the incredible and smart nitrogen and other types of craft cannabis packaging options perfected only by The Packaging Brothers in Portland, OR who happens to be an example of what I consider the cannabis spirit of Oregon in action.

They are creating a #Craft #CannabisPackagingsuper power in the Pacific Northwest.

Please, check their website out and add them on social media! #Portland #Estacada #Oregon #Estaweeda ask for a “JessiCoxSpecial” just kidding, however, make sure to tell James who sent you!

Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer is a hero of mine. As a lifelong follower of the democratic and political process, I am in awe of the way he has assembled a #CannabisCaucus to head up cannabis interest in D.C. Here are my thoughts about that as well as many other recent political cannabis happenings around the globe! Creating jobs in cannabis up and down the coastline not just in Oregon! Read More

Utah + The Mormon Church and Medicinal Cannabis Oil Many of my closest friends are Mormon, in fact, one of them has a child with epilepsy. She gives no consideration to the rules of her faith when using medicinal cannabis for her child. In fact, she is excited about the idea and I believe she will be an advocate for laws in Utah loosen up. I am working with some of Utah’s top businesses to engage lawmakers to legalize medicinal cannabis and to spread awareness of the healing properties found in cannabis oil.

Although compassionate medical cannabis legislation got further than ever before in Utah by passing the state Senate, this year’s legislative session concluded without House lawmakers the following suit. Sen. Mark Madsen’s SB 73 was voted down in the Health and Human Services Committee, and the clock ran out on the passage of an inferior low-THC bill.

Many advocates are now moving forward with plans for a ballot initiative that asks voters whether they want medical cannabis in Utah. Polls indicate widespread support for such an initiative. While the work of running such a campaign — in particular, collecting the needed signatures — will be a heavy lift, ballot initiative medical programs are often more comprehensive than legislatively-enacted ones, as their passage is not dependent on last-minute compromises that politicians often have to make to secure approval.

The initiative will be filed within the next few months, and then the process of signature collection shall begin. The goal is to place the initiative on the ballot for 2018. Make sure to sign up for our alerts to receive information on how you can get involved.

Please feel free to add to the conversation by sharing your own cannabis health #moment when you realized that #medicinalcannabis was for you! Help spread awareness to an increasingly popular and real phenomenon! Cannabis helps you feel better and helps you balance your mind, your body and your soul.

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