About us

Cannabis Executive Recruiting & Staffing

When Travis and Jessi Cox started CannabiStaff they knew that the world needed better executive staffing recruiting resources. The cannabis industry is a quickly expanding emerging market which is dependent on focused and strategic hiring methods. Knowing this and understanding the cannabis industry network and inner workings from cultivation to distribution Jessi Cox knew that staffing and recruiting top talent individuals would become paramount to success in the cannabis industry.

Jessi Cox is the Chief Executive Officer

10 years researching and studying recruitment strategies and processes in a hands-on and competitive environment. She is passionate about cannabis and helping everyone understand the benefits of cannabis in our communities and businesses.

Her early years in life were spent in the High Desert of Central Oregon. Growing up in Bend, Oregon on mini-ranch is one the special qualities that sets Jessi apart from her peers. She grew up learning about agriculture, farming and the way of life that many people have forgotten which still remains in her heart and shows throughout her business dealings. She is a true believer of hard work, spirit, and determination. Her hard work ethic was instilled at a very young age and has imprinted itself into the core of CannabiStaff as a trait that few competitors can match. As a mother and wife, she is focused on the healing and lifestyle aspects of cannabis as much as the business benefits and opportunities.

Jessi Cox has owned over 20 business concepts and has led over 150 businesses to victory through her strategic and thoughtful business level crisis intervention and her vision for modern day emerging market hiring plans. Jessi Cox has provided counsel and insight to national politicians, athletes, doctors, lawyers, high-level dignitaries, and entrepreneurs. Her opinions and insights are wholly her own and have been shaped by many business experiences and research projects which she has been a part of over the past 15 years of her life in the business startup community. She has relevant industry experience spanning the following industry segments.


Travis Cox is the Chief Operating Officer

Travis Cox has over five years in cannabis industry project management consulting, financial strategy and human capital management. He is passionate about helping businesses find experts who can help them grow and scale their business quickly. Travis provides CannabiStaff with constructive insight, research, and technology innovations. His passion is focusing on common problems that businesses face and quickly strategizing a solution that is effective and logical.

Travis was born in Mt. View California and raised immersed in the technology culture of the 1980’s and 1990’s. He grew up learning how to code, create and develop technical ideas to increase ROI for businesses. His deep knowledge of financial processes and business operations, fluency in Japanese and in marketing benefits every conversation.

Together, Travis and Jessi Cox are very excited to be a part of the industry and together they plan to help all medium and enterprise level cannabis, hemp and ancillary cannabis teams find top executive talent not found on conventional job boards. In fact, CannabiStaff does not use job boards to source their talent! They use proprietary and data-driven technology to ensure that candidates are sourced and staffed with intention and ease.

How much are time and money wasted when hiring the wrong candidates? Our mission is to STOP candidates who are predatory in their tracks. We engage top echelon talent through our deeply connected networks.

Our mission is simple. Find applicants who fit your needs as well as uncover any red flags before you’re paying for them. Communication is key.

Work with us and find out why our hires are happier and more stable!