Contract To Hire

Contract To Hire


Providing Extra Value & ROI Based Results For Cannabis Businesses Worldwide!


CannabiStaff offers contract-to-hire staffing services to determine if an employee is a right fit for the position and the company by allowing our clients to observe the employee on the job.

Once the contract period is complete, the option is available to hire the employee on a permanent basis with your organization.


3 Reasons Why Cannabis Businesses Choose CannabiStaff For Their HR and Recruiting Needs

The hiring process can be lengthy with CannabiStaff. Be prepared for a longer interview cycle, more stringent than any other interview process that you have experienced. Our goal is to match you with a position that you will THRIVE in while producing results. We want to keep you in the loop from posting to position — this process can take up to 60 days on average, whereas onboarding of a contract-to-hire resource typically takes less than a week.

Save Time working with CannabiStaff! We will manage the administrative tasks associated with onboarding, freeing up your time to produce material results not doing administrative tasks. Our back office support services will encourage full circle PEO services and manage your hiring cycle! All inclusive staffing in the cannabis industry has arrived!

Commitment-Free and we offer flexible payment options which will allow you the ability to evaluate the performance of an individual, and also how they fit within the culture, which is often challenging to do during an interview. We provide a value-based performance strategy that is guaranteed or we replace your candidate at no cost!