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Elite Talent Pool

Cannabistaff provides boutique search services as well as professional candidate representation.

Cannabistaff curates an Elite Talent Pool that is updated and refreshed daily with top candidates looking for opportunities in the cannabis sector.

Cannabistaff provides boutique search services as well as professional candidate representation. Cannabistaff trains, reviews and provides compliance, regulatory and culture fit requirements with every candidate found in our Elite Talent Pool.

Human Resource Management

Cannabistaff works directly with your inner corporate team to help ensure your cannabis business remains in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

Are you not quite large enough to have your own HR team?

Welcome to The World of Cannabis Human Resources made easy with Cannabistaff! We value diversity, progressive thinking, and corporate best practices. Cannabistaff provides cannabis businesses with seasoned experience for all of your cannabis-focused HR, administrative and staffing needs.

On Demand Labor Staffing

Cannabistaff indirect employees are paid through Cannabistaff and placed on a ninety day probationary period while we evaluate performance.

Cannabistaff knows all too well the flux of employees from season to season. Allow us to help you staff you with our service oriented trimming and bud tending professionals.

Imagine your trim crew showing up to your site and following your best practices, trimming your cannabis plants wet or dry to your liking. Imagine all of this happening with a simple phone call and account review with Cannabistaff.

Our Founding Team

JESSI COX Chief Executive Officer
Jessi Cox is the co-founding partner and CEO of Cannabistaff. Jessi enjoys working with cannabis and all of the people who make the cannabis industry what it is today. Jessi Cox focuses on expansion, corporate culture and managing enterprise corporate relations for Cannabistaff and a few other notable cannabis businesses!
TRAVIS COXChief Operations Officer
Travis Cox is the COO of Cannabistaff. He and his wife Jessi Cox co-founded Cannabistaff in 2016 after starting a cannabis software technology business. They found a large gap in the hiring practices and recruitment needs of leading cannabis organizations. Travis manages daily operations and oversees all operational planning and execution at Cannabistaff. If there is a man to know if the cannabis industry, Travis Cox is the one.
  • Meet Our Extraction & Concentrate Experts

  • Find Top Cannabis Executives From All Over The Globe

  • Hire Our On-Demand Creative Professionals

  • Hire Trimmers

  • Hire Medical Professionals

  • Hire Trained Compassionate Dispensary Professionals

  • Hire Seasonal Workers

  • Remote Based Professionals

  • Compliant Back Office HR Solutions

  • Payroll and Direct Deposit Solutions

Hire Seasonal Workers

Cannabistaff offers a unique and affordable temp to hire and seasonal workforce solution. Ask your Account Manager for more information.

Dispensaries and cannabis cultivation farms are constantly searching for ways to meet fluctuating labor needs.

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Hire A Team Member

When hiring a new team member in the cannabis industry Cannabistaff supports your search efforts by providing you with carefully selected candidates.

Hiring a new team member in the cannabis industry?

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Worldwide Turnkey Staffing Solutions 

Careful there. Cannabistaff is hiring for positions as you read this. Don’t miss out! Send us your resume and the most impressive cover letter you can write.

We are able to scale our services to match your needs. Do you need a managed trimming crew? We provide state permit holding, classically trained trimmers, and harvest teams. Our technology solutions are able to track each trimming/harvest job closely to ensure our trim team’s output justify their activity and rate of pay.  We supply custom reports tailored to your specific requests so you can update your team and make changes as needed. We employ professional cannabis specific labor services throughout the Portland, Oregon, Central Oregon. Oregon Coast, Eastern Oregon and Southern Oregon regions.

Join Our Team

Are you looking for flexible work from home positions in the cannabis industry? We are hiring for TOP PRODUCERS!

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Direct Staffing

We spend a lot of time and focused effort getting to know your candidate. We tailor each search to your job description and your culture fit requirements.

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Indirect Staffing

Not sure if you need someone long term or if you can commit to a long-term contract with an employee? Cannabistaff offers temp to hire solutions!

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Cannabistaff will help you hire the right candidate every time. Ask about our performance guarantee.

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