Chief Executive Officer – Portland, Oregon

Chief Executive Officer – Portland, Oregon


Our Site: CannabiStaff

Company: Private
Position: CEO Salary: $250,000

Company Details:

CannabiStaff  is dedicated to a global partnership by vertically integrating all intricate parts of
the development and improvement of Industrial Hemp and Cannabis in both the recreational and medicinal space.

CannabiStaff’s goal is to maintain the plant in its truest form while consistently providing the highest quality cannabis and delivering unparalleled service as well as ensuring safety standards for our customers. CannabiStaff is offering an exciting opportunity for a Chief Executive Officer to support our strategic partner’s rapidly growing cannabis media company.



Reporting to the Board of Directors, the CEO will create shareholder value by providing the vision, leadership, strategy and general management skills necessary to grow the company into a dominant player in the cannabis industry.  This will include development and implementation of a strategic plan to advance the company’s vision, mission, strategies and objectives and to promote revenue, profitability and growth as an organization.  The CEO will work with a top-tier management team dedicated to developing, manufacturing and selling world-class products and services; act as the key face of the company; develop new customers and channels to market and manage existing customer and channel partner relationships; develop strategic partnerships and ensure that overall revenue and profit goals are achieved and shareholder value is delivered. While all aspects of the Company’s business require focus, solar-powered LED lighting growth and profitability is especially important to the long-term success.

Working with the Board of Directors, the CEO will enable the Board to fulfill all required public company governance functions, will develop an open and communicative relationship with the Board providing informal and formal updates on Company strategy, performance, management direction and decisions, and will lead the investor relations function by representing the Company to shareholders, analysts, brokers, funds etc as required.

General Description and Responsibilities

  • Specific Responsibilities Include:
  • Development, review, and refinement of the Company’s business strategy, and execution of that strategy to obtain a leading position in the marketplace;
  • Ensure revenue growth is achieved in a responsible and profitable manner; both organically and through successful completion of mergers and acquisitions;
  • Working with the management team to satisfy consumer needs, develop and nurture new and existing customers, partnerships, strategic alliances, and other market opportunities;
  • Be the chief steward of the Company, ensuring the company is well positioned in the public marketplace., and building relationships and credibility with outside investors to provide necessary resources to fund and grow the Company;
  • Be the primary spokesperson for the Company in all interactions with the press, the financial community, and the public markets;
  • Provide high-level strategic and tactical leadership to the Board and the management team;
  • Motivate a high performance, innovative and results-driven organization;
  • Develop performance measurements and ensure these metrics are achieved.
  • Pass a background and personal reference check in addition to professional reference check.

Please apply for this position by following these steps exactly!

Steps to getting into the interview:

1. Read the job description on our website located on our blog at

2. Ask yourself if you meet the qualifications.

3. Respond via email with a well-written cover letter.

4. Attach a well written, concise resume in Word format.

5. Send job inquiries following these steps to 

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