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Cultivation, retail, harvest, extraction and ancillary positions in the cannabis industry, all in one place! Cannabistaff bridges the gap between candidates and full-time work in the cannabis industry! We offer many positions to suit all lifestyles and culture fit desires. Our goal is to ensure that our candidates thrive in their new soil.

Our Proven Process Produces Results


Congrats! You are already 1/4 of the way through step one of our five-step process for success! Now we need to hear from you and understand how we can best serve your needs. Our craft cannabis staffing agency specializes in helping businesses and professionals find one another without any major deal breakers.


Once you meet with our Talent Pool Director we will know how to best serve your needs. We will help you with your human resource needs and ensure that you have all of the answers you need as quickly as possible, so you can make a decision that makes sense when the time is right.


Execution is vital in business and in the human capital world we know this is the truth for many reasons. As a staffing agency in the cannabis sector, our roots are focused on the compliance, regulatory and culture fit aspects of your business.


Once we identify the candidate which you deem ideal we are able to offer the employee to you directly or indirectly. We provide a performance guarantee and an evaluation period for your satisfaction and to ensure that your new hire is a good fit.


At Cannabistaff we believe that professionals thrive when they are planted in an environment suited for their unique strengths and characteristics. We carefully focus on each candidate’s qualities to ensure that our clients hire only the candidates they deem a good fit in all areas necessary for success within the role.

Helping The Cannabis Industry Create Authentic Professional Connections That Result In Successful Outcomes Consistently And Often.

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